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Tread Lightly Dan Brown

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Dan Brown spins webs of mystery. It sells a lot of books, but what it also does, is to create the desire of his readers to know the truth. The truth about government secrets is complex.
The government keeps secrets about other countries that could potentially damage their reputation, like those of the Iran contra affair. It made the fact that Israel was part of the deal secret after the fact, but the reason for that was that there is probably more to that debacle than what the news organizations Knew. By making it top secret it prevented the press from pursuing it or printing all that they knew. The press knows a lot about government secrets, but they have gag orders on them, so they can not release it. There are many things that the government won't declassify simply for that reason, so the notion of a free and open press is fiction.
Another thing that the government keeps secret is political scandals. Yes some get out, but by and large they are kept quiet. The reason for this is that the powerful people who are involved simply don't want people to know. These people are not just politicians, but lobbyists, corporations and very wealthy and politically powerful people.
I know that these two examples are boring, but there are deeper secrets and this is where Dan Brown leads us. What are the deep secrets about power, weapons, and very secret government agencies?
First you must understand that the military monitors technology and also drives it. They look for the potential for a military use of everything. The government has spent decades trying to develop the potential for military use of the mind. It goes back to the days before LSD was used to determine if it was useful as a means of breaking people and getting at the truth. The bottom line is that government doesn't want people to know the true power of the mind and the release disinformation to keep it that way. The government does not just higher experts to get to the bottom of mysteries or to develop uses for things. They also hire experts to put out lies that prevent people from learning the truth about many things that they can not keep out of the public eye. Two examples of this are UFOs and psychic ability's. Most people have had experiences with both, but they either explain it away to themselves or the government helps explain it away.
Here I will talk about the secrets of the mind. Peoples brains are electrical. Actually anything that the brain controls is connected to electrical impulses. This is a fact that you probably learned in high school science class. An EEG measures the electrical impulses in the brain. Scientist have discovered that irregular brain wave patterns are symptomatic of some diseases and sometimes brain tumors.
The fact is that electricity can travel. If you need proof rub your feet on a wool carpet and ground yourself by touching metal or another person. The result will be a shock. In fact enough static electricity can actually kill a person. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Electricity can be created by two polar opposite magnetic fields with wire wrapped around it and spun rapidly. That is what a generator is. When electricity passes through objects that are good conductors of electricity, like the human body or power lines it creates a magnetic field. Electric fields are measured with an EMF detector.
Now here's where it gets a bit less believable. Every living person has their own electric field. For every person this field is different. That is why some people are more sensitive to the size of electric fields that power lines generate. If another magnetic field interrupts your magnetic field there can be a reaction.
We all know that electricity is a form of energy and that energy can be transferred. Tha is how a telephone works and that is how a cell phone works. Bet you didn't know that. Well it is thought that psychics pick up other peoples energy and can then turn that into visions of a past event. How? Everything that has energy leaves residual amounts of energy. Some materials such as quartz store that energy. Well you say what about reading minds and seeing the future. Well talk to Einstein folks, because he reasoned that time was not fixed in a line. I know this is hard to comprehend, but time has to do with energy. The earth spins and revolves around the sun. What does that? Gravity and gravity is linked to energy. Time here is not the same at it is on the moon. So what some scientist believe is that some people can tap into the energy that the future emits. Others believe that they pick up the energy that the earth stores up before an event, such as a disaster.
The government has been studying these phenomenon for decades and it is not far fetched to think that with the help of some of the sensitive people and the greatest minds on earth, that it has learned how to manipulate it. After all energy is always being stored and released. The bottom line is that it is probable that the government has learned to manipulate people's thoughts directly by using energy. Can it control what you think? I don't know, but once you understand the nature of how the mind works you can see that it is possible now or will be in the future.
Now if a agency such as the CIA or the Pentagon had that power what do you think they would use it for, Given that the government tries to find a military or alternate use for every scientific discovery that could possibly be utilized by them.
So, Dan Brown is not far from the truth when he considers the potential use of the mind as a weapon or a weakness that could be subject to a weapon.

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