Friday, October 30, 2009

JOBS 101

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There are no jobs right? Why aren't there jobs? The public might think that the economy is the reason there are no jobs and they would be partially right, but there is another reason that jobs are scarce.
Politicians get support by limiting competition for companies. Lobbyist do not spend billions on them to get business alone. The truth is that businesses want to eliminate competition from the market place. It's not an accident that certain companies become big players in a certain business. They lobby to achieve that. They also swallow up their competition. We all go to the store and buy food. We look down the aisles and see thousands of products, but the prices are pretty close to each other on the product level. Some of us think nothing of this, because they are used to it. Things get two times smaller, but the price stays the same. It doesn't seem that there is an explanation for this that is out of the ordinary, but there is.
Most of the groceries you see in the store are made by different companies, but those companies are owned, for the most part, by a few huge companies, so they can shrink the size of the package and the contents in it and not be hurt if people move to a different brand. This model is true to some extent across the whole United States and politicians get lobbied to keep it that way. And when I say politicians I mean local state and Federal. So what does this have to do with jobs?
The sad fact is that lack of competition means higher prices and less companies entering the market places. This means that the number of jobs in the country are artificially limited. Remember the banks that were too big too fail? There was no real competition in the banking industry. Yes, there are local banks, but local banks do business with the big players in the banking industry. The majority of the jobs in the industry are generated by those huge companies. The same is true for every industry. So there is no true competition. This is why cars are all priced in the same price ranges.
Now comes the jobs part of the equation. The number of jobs is controlled by the big players in each industry and the politicians know it. For this reason there are always a certain number of people who do not get jobs. The government knows this is true and it accepts a certain percentage of unemployed people to be normal. Too bad if that happens to be you. Not everyone can work in a capitalist society. Some people have to be jobless all the time so that there will be a labor pool, but it goes beyond this.
There are too many people in this country for the economy and politicians on all levels know this. There must be a certain number that do not work. This is why only people on unemployment are counted as unemployed. The politicians do not want the people to know how many people really want to work and are jobless, because they would have to do something about it. They would rather have people believe they are lazy and unmotivated or they don't have any skills. These are the facts. When a politician speaks about job creation, they fail at it after the election. This is not a coincidence. It is powerful lobbies at every level of the government opposing more competition, Which in turn limits the availability of jobs. So, the next time you are out of work and can't find a job, you should know, that it is thanks to all the politicians, at every level of government. That is why unemployment never falls below 5% or so in this country.
You might be saying that this would have to be a conspiracy and you would be right at one level, but as we know all politicians do not get together to block competition. It is far more sinister than that. It is always made to look like the vote went against a company or they were lacking some necessary requirement. This is why the American market has become so vulnerable to foreign competition. They don't have to play by the politician's rules and they are forced to accept foreign trade, because the economies in other countries requires it in order to allow American products in to their countries.

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