Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Barak

Sept 17 2008 3Image by CS Muncy via Flickr

As a member of the Democratic Committee I would like to express some thoughts.
You have assembled some of the most intelligent people in the country. The problem is you listen to them. First for get the Republicans. They are living in an alternative universe. People do not care what are saying. They don't see them doing anything to give them jobs and you might point that out in your next press conference.
It's time to get your head out of your asses down there. People don't care about politics right now. They want to see action.
The health care reform issue is important. Every minute that the Senate spends playing pass the beach ball someone who is ub=insured is dying. We need a public option just to keep the insurance companies honest, because even if they can not deny coverage to people because of a pre-existing condition, they will walk through the biggest loop hole they can find. One of those loop holes is calling every thing experimental. They already use this excuse. You have one shot to get this right and passing just anything is not an option, because real people are counting on you.
Issue number 2 is Afghanistan. Troops are dying there. If you are not going to pull out then you better kick the Taliban's ass. I say this, because people are tired of the death toll on the news.
Pulling out is an option. If you pulled out let the Taliban in and then went in in force and took them out you could avoid a lot of heartache.
If you are going to put more troops in then don't announce it for gods sake. Did we announce Normandy. The post Vietnam era is full of vacillation, because we are afraid to lose and afraid to win. The bottom line is that people would support a large offensive if it produced long term results and the Afghans gained the ability to protect their country. We created the Taliban. We trained them and it's time we took them out. Afghanistan in the hands of Alquaida and the Taliban we completely destabilize the middle east and result in huge increases in the price of oil. The insurgents are attacking Iran now. If they spread militant Islam ism across the middle east we will be in a hell of a position. Doing nothing is not an option. Drop the 40,000 into Afghanistan in a massive surprise offensive and tell the press after. It is time we stop telling the enemy what we are doing.
Jobs are issue number three. No one is buying the happy talk about the improving economy. The days of spending money we don't have are over, so we know that consumers are not going to drive this economy.
If you want to cut the budget deficit in half and put people to work, start changing the countries problem with oil dependency by following T Bone Pickens energy plan. This will cut people energy bills in half. The result of cutting people's energy bills in half will be an increase in spending by the consumers of things that factories produce, rather than pouring their money down the black hole that the oil companies have become. This would also result in jobs in the private sector, increased revenue for the US government, and a huge reduction in the deficit, which is what you are all worried about down there.
These three solutions would also push your pole numbers up to where they were in November of 2008.
The problem in the White House is to much talking and hand wringing over poll numbers. For Christ sake, Roossevelt didn't spend all his time watching news bites that said he was inept. He went out and kicked tail and took names. Worrying is what happens while your life falls apart. Doing something is better than failing bcause you did nothing.

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