Monday, March 30, 2009

Poison From China

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You know it I know it, everybody knows it; The label made in china is a skull and cross-bones. It means it's poison. If the U.S. did not owe China a trillion dollars, nothing would be allowed to enter the country from China.
China has a long history of human rights abuses. They don't care about their own people, because there are billions of them and a human life has no value there, because they have more people than they need or want. This attitude lead them to use hazardous materials in everything they made or grew and no one cared, because it was Chinese who were dying.
The Communist Government of China allowed their own children to be poisoned with melamine and all kinds of chemicals. Then the rest of the world saw the doors of China open and there was a cheap labor pool that would never run out, so they ran there with all their products and had them made there. What they chose to ignore was, the poison that the Chinese used to make those products. It was a dirty little secret they kept, because they saw China as the answer to all their problems.
China was cheap labor and a potential market for their goods and people elsewhere weren't able to buy goods in the quantities that were required to sustain there huge profits and satisfy the thirst of their stock holders. They had failed to gain the trust of Russia in their manufacturing processes, but in China they found a country they could pollute and poison with no consequences.
Everything was fine. In fact, it was fantastic, until, the poison spread through the world and people in The U.S.realized that their pets, their children and they themselves were being slowly murdered or brain damaged, by Chinese goods. Up until that time the U>S> Government turned a blind eye to it, but when the truth became known, they had to begin to admit it. Now we know, but still the game is on, because China produces drugs for the U.S. market and they found the problems with Chinese made drugs when people began to die from their heparin. Still, the U.S. Government will not admit the truth that any drug from China has the potential to be a killer. The drug companies list all the side affects from their drugs, but no one knows whether the side affect is due to the drug or where it's made and the drug companies don't have to tell us. They don't even have to tell us where the drug is made. The FDA is part of the scam. It allows some drugs into the country that are suspect, but refuse to allow European drugs that have been used for years with low side affects and good results. They are the tool of the drug companies now. They keep competition down and allow the drug companies to maximize their profits. In return Americans who can not afford to live in Europe get Chinese poison and since the population of the U.S. is soon to be turning 65 the government knows that older people have to die, so that Social Security can survive. Thus they are allowing our people to be poisoned, so that the economy can remain healthy and the government can go on like a bloated cow. Spending Trillions to keep their friends rich while we perish.
What does it mean when you're elected officials freely admit that their oldest and closest friends are lobbyists? It means that they are willing to sacrifice us to save them. It means our politicians have sold us out. It means we will be poisoned or part of China one day.

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