Monday, March 2, 2009

Dow: 6000. Do I Hear 5?

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The stock market fell to the point that people used stock shares as wall paper during the great depression. If your financial advisor keeps telling you you're fine, and you listen, You are just plain stupid. The stock market can fail altogether. Businesses can shut down. It's happening all over.
The republicans want to punish the coountry for voting for Obama, so they and their rich freinds have gotten together to screw you. They will do anything to make the economy worse, because they think that you will turn to them out of desperation if it gets worse.
They are playing politics with your jobs, your houses, and your money. They don't care if you go down. You are collateral damage in their plan to regain power. If you need proof look at the Republican Governor that refused stimulus money. The people in their states may lose their jobs and their shirts, but they will get reelected. This is their grand plan.
The Republicans tanked the whole economy, the stock maekets, and the banks, but that's not enoough they want you on the streets selling apples. You don't remember your history people. The republicans were in power at the beginning of the Great Depression too. Their policies have done nothing, but cause economic disasters in this country. The rich have even gotten the shaft from them.
Ronald Reagan the great Republican hero caused a recession. I think every Republican has started one. Maybe they have a secret pact to cause recessions and depressions.
All their freinds own gold and platinum, so when the stock market is on life support they will sell the gold and platinum and buy stock at two cents a share. They still have millions because they got out before it really crashed, so they will then buy stock for pennies and make billions, while you walk the streets with your families. It's no problem though, because you won't mind, will you?

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