Thursday, April 2, 2009

Made In America, NOT

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American companies are crying, because the economy is bad and people will no longer go deep into debt to buy their products. I am surprised they are not blanketing the airwaves with ads to buy American. The truth be told though they really can't because nothing is made in America.
Huge corporations bought all the companies that made things in America and sold everything that was not nailed down, fired the workers, and sent the jobs to other countries, where they could pay people 2 dollars a day to make the old company's product. They have sent our jobs out of the country, so that they could become indecently rich and we have taken whatever jobs we can find to try to survive.
The turning point in America was when Ronald Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers and broke their union. Since that time American companies have followed his example and taken peoples jobs, pensions, and anything else they could get their hands on. Now there are no American Companies. Why should any American show any allegiance to these companies. Let them all fail. Personally I would rather buy a product from a company based on quality and price, because the money is going out of the country any way. Just because a company keeps a token workforce here, so that they can sell the fantasy that their products are American does not mean I have to buy them. I would rather buy from a company that never had American workers than one that laid American workers off, because of their greed.
These companies want nothing more than to make 100% profit every year and they don't care who they have to sell out to do it. Why buy their products, so that they can become obscenely wealthy and hoard all their cash. Let's face it if you didn't have to buy gas for your car you wouldn't spend a dime to help the oil companies. As far as I am concerned the same goes for companies that lay off American workers, so they can outsource. I think as long as it's not made by American workers it's not American and I don't think they should have any more rights than a Japanese company.
Whether it says made in America or not it probably isn't. Half the time the quality isn't there, because the parts were not made here. If 90% of the parts are made in China, then it is Chinese. Bottom line is, we all know that Chinese means cheap garbage. I'm sure that people can remember the Japanese transistor radio when it first came to this country. It was a piece of junk that lasted a day at the most. Well, now we have cheap crap from China that is being passed off as high quality American Made goods. People, pay what it's worth. It cost them 50 dollars or less to make and the money is going back to China. On top of that they want a thousand dollars for it. People pay them what it's worth. Keep your money in your pocket until they stop gouging you, or form a group and buy right from where it's made.
Congress can allow them to say they are American, but we know the truth. Most of it hasn't touched American hands until you've taken it out of the box. All they did was donate huge amounts to Congress for their Campaigns. Money that congressmen and senators will keep when they leave office to live high off the hog. For every dollar they send to help you they are getting 10 to help make themselves rich.
Don't waste your time trying to buy American until the factories that make the things and all their parts are in America and employ American workers.
One last word on the bailouts of Banks. Let them fail. Use the bailout money to bring American jobs back and to insure our money. I guarantee you that if the banks failothers will take their place just as fast as you can say go.
No company is too large to fail. We've all seen big companies come and go and there is always someone to take their place.

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