Sunday, March 1, 2009

America Stop Bending Over!

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Service is only for the people who want to over pay for what they buy. Good government is for people who donate their paychecks. Law enforcement and justice go to the people who can pay for the best. Job security is a fantasy. Respect is a foreign concept. You can jump in with your two cents any time and add to this list.
All this exists because of you. You tolerate it. You promote it in your jobs. You expect it from your politicians. You believe that your bank account makes you a first or second class citizen. God forbid you should stand up and say I won't take this any more.
Over 4000 soldiers died in Iraq to give you the right to tell people you won't be walked on, but you won't honor their sacrifices by standing up for yourselves. Your jobs wouldn't have gone to China, Mexico, and India if you had any balls. On the day you put your credit cards away and refused to buy anything this country took it's first step towards an actual opportunity to improve this country.
You can now demand the things that used to be your rights. You can tell your bank to stick it. You can fire your politicians and find some that aren't in the pocket of the lobbyists. You can end welfare for fortune 500 companies and the rich. They don't need government help. They have the money to hire people to solve their problems. They don't need any help from the government.
If they sent your jobs to china then no American should buy from them. China sends us lead tainted products and poison in our food. Here's an idea spend ten dollars and buy a shirt that says I don't buy foreign made goods. Find out where the things you buy are made. Find out if a companies tech help is in India. Find out where your food comes from. Find out where the oil that was refined into gas comes from for your car. When you've found out, stop buying foreign goods.
When the bank raises your interest rate tell them to screw off. No one should pay loan shark rates to buy things. If there is a restocking fee at your store for returns, tell the salesman you don't buy where there is a restocking fee. If your paying for checking your a lost cause. I have free checking and my bank payed me 100 dollars to move my account there.
If you have a cell phone and pay a monthly fee your either getting too many calls or your an idiot. Go to skype for your home phone and pay a total of 100 dollars a year for phone service, then buy a tracfone and pay as you go. Stop walking through the mall calling everyone you know for the hell of it. Don't text unless it's life or death. The cell phone companies are sucking your bank accounts dry.
If you stop bending over to pick up the soap, you will find that everyone will get good service. When someone slights you where you shop, leave the cart or the goods wave your money or credit card in front of their face and say good bye. I guarantee you that if everyone does this service will suddenly improve for everyone. If your grocery bill has skyrocketed find a different store. People are creatures of habit and they waste more money going slapping designer labels on their asses than the whole budget of California. If you wear their name, they should pay you for advertising for them.
If you don't take control of your life and everything in it, then you deserve to get bent over. You deserve to pay 5 times what a car is worth. You deserve to have it fall a part in 5 years while you still owe 20 thousand dollars on it. You deserve to have to scrimp together the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards. And can I just say no coffee is worth 5 dollars a cup. You are paying that for some imaginary status in your pitiful little worlds. If you could only hear what people are saying about you wannabes behind your backs, you wouldn't set foot in half the places you go.
A watch tells time people. It is no indicator of your status. Shoes protect your feet. Guys don't look at you feet ladies. Spend the money in the gym losing your beer gut. Buying things is not an antidepressant. Grazing at restaurants because you are to lazy to learn how to cook is sad. Half the country is just plain fat. They are lard buckets with low self esteem, who need to substitute designer items for a real healthy self image.
The phrase of the month is stand up for yourself.

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