Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush's Financial Iraq

Congress is hell bent on voting to bail out their fellow country club members. Bush continues to use fear to drive the American People to follow him blindly like sheep. Bush must be related to the boy who cried wolf, except there is no wolf within miles. The result of this bailout will be a commitment by the Federal Government to pour billions into Wall Street indefinitely. Just like Iraq, They will be back asking congress for more and more money, with the threat that the whole economy will collapse. We will see trillions of dollars going to Wall Street so that they can continue to live "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous while we pick up the tab. The Republican's say that without this deal there will be another Great Depression. The truth is that if it is approved threat depression will come, because the the dollar will be worth nothing after they print trillions of dollars. You'll be papering your walls with dollars and using them as box straw instead of bubble wrap.
In what is one of the most incredible lies ever told by any politician, Bush claimed that the bailout was not designed to save any particular financial institutions, after saying that people's money is safe. If it's safe then why the bailout? There is a lie there somewhere. Think about it.
The politician's have sent out a smoke screen to cover up the real reason for the economic crisis, which is the price of oil. Anyone who beleives that there is another reason for it is on crack. There was no problem until our politician's gave the oil companies a blank check to charge as much as they wanted for oil. When gas hit $4.00 a gallon, American's stopped buying things because they are putting their last dimes into their gas tanks. American's are even charging their gas to facilitate their ability to continue to get to work. In other words they are charging gas to get to work. so they can pay their credit cards and eat. Has Congress given us a bailout for that? Of course not, because they are owened by the oil companies.
The economy is headed for a major crash no matter how much they give Wall Street. This bailout is just a tactic to get past the election's before the economy crashes. Congress is just delaying the inevitable until they can get reelected and Bush is trying to get out of office before the bottom falls out. Why? The reason is obvious. He wants the next president to take the blame for his complete incompetence.
The press is so obsessed with putting Obama into office, that they are allowing our own government to sell us out. On top of that, they are living in a fantasy world where nothing exists except for the election. It seems that in their world everything is fine except that we haven't elected Obama yet.
American's have told Cogress and the president to stck this bailout in a dark location, but they persist in going ahead with it. What is the solution to this problem? Vote them all out. Go directly to the voting booth and vote them out.

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