Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleeping With The Oil Companies

Well the truth is finally slipping oout. There is no oil crisis. There is only a government that will take anything including sex from the oil companies to make you pay your hard earned money for overpriced gas. Now that they have discovered that the department of interior prostituted itself to the oil companinies, will there be a seriouos investigation. Of course not. Are you crazy? Congress is doing the same thing. They don't want this cat to get out of the bag, because they would have to investigate each other and the whole Bush administration. They have no intention of swinging from a rope for the same behavior as those in the Interior Department.
The bottom line is the government is selling you out, literally. Did you ever notice when the prostitution rings get busted, the names never get released. The fact is that the customers are your congessmen and senators and Lord knows who is paying the three thousand dollars it costs to get a 20 year old to sleep with a 60 year old. The bottomline is it's every huge company that is making money from their votes. Do you think the government pays 10,000 dollars for a special tool, because it's the only thing that will do the job. If it is so special why aren't the regular consumers getting a crack at them. Top Secret I'll bet, becaue your federal legislator likes to be spanked by 18 year olds or at least they say the are 18. You people better start watching your daughter's, because it is your federal representative who wants a piece of their ass.
Youcan bet that there will be no investigations of anything the oil companies payed for for a government employee and no one will go to jail. This just another example of why you are paying so much in taxes and the cost of anything you buy. They pass the cost of bribing the government officials over to you. Part of the price your paying for gas is so the government can pay the prostitues and the other part is so that the companies can pay for them too, not to mention all the trips and gifts. Keep voting them into office though, because your guy is honest, but answer me this if they are all honest and, everyone thinks their's is, who is getting payed?
Get with the program people a democrat or a republican is just a liberal or conservative who wants to sleep with your daughter. They are all in n it together folks. We've voted either democrat or republican forso long they have a monopoly on the government and they do back room deals to keep it that way.

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