Friday, July 18, 2008

Your Suffering Brings American Companies Bucks

America has crashed into a wall economically, but american companies are are selling everything they can overseas. We all know the american auto industry is in bad shape and the airlines are going under, but as they burn other companies fiddle You aren't buying, but somone is.
The sad fact is that you are no longer needed. You are expendable. Whether you buy or not doesn't matter because foreigners are. Remember when you could buy a Canadian Dollar for 75 cents. Those days are over. Now the Canadians are buying us. The U.S. is borrowing from every country they can find. America is for sale.. Don't expect to be saved. Anyone who says they can save you is lying to make a buck or get elected.
Is there a solution? Yes! It's time you found your power. It's time to stop crying and wield the power you have. Forget Democrat or Republican. For get rich or poor. It's time to shutdown the United States. What we need is a strike by every man woman and child in the U.S., whether you own a business or work for one. In Italy when the people have had enough the whole country strikes. Everything shuts down. The government doesn't get sales tax or income tax for the time that everything shuts down. Even the Government shuts down because there are no workers. Does it take guts to do this? Yes! But I guarantee you things will get fixed in a hurry. The Politicians will be begging you to come back. They will never mess with you again. Government will suddenly do anything they can to serve you. Companies will answer your calls and not from India or China. What's America about? It's about being United. Why? Because our forefathers knew that together americans could do anything. When americans make up their minds to do something it happens. We dumped tea in the bay in Boston and the British thought they could punk us. We kicked their ass and that was the beginning of the end for The British Empire. We watched the Russians circle the world with a satellite and we went to the moon and staked our claim. Anything we've been told we can't do we've done. There isn't "A Bridge Too Far". The question is are we united.? Will we wait for our politicians and see decades go by with the same problems or will we have the guts to shut this sucker down? If we are going to do it then we all have to do it. The American Revolution wasn't won, because people punked out. 10's of thousands of people died in the civil war, because we couldn't come together and solve our problems. Is that where were headed now? It's up to all of you where we go from here. Has your vote changed your life? We all know the answer to that. Your vote doesn't mean Jack people, unless you have the guts to vote with your feet, backing it up. You can wait until it's your job that's gone and your trying to pay your credit card bills with your unemployment. You can wait till it's your bank that goes under. You can wait till your hocking your furniture for gas money and your trying to figure out how you'll pay the mortgage or the rent. You can wait and wait and wait. Nothings going to change for the better, because it's every man for himself. The United States is like the Titanic everyone is trying to get a spot in the life boat. But guess what only the first class passengers got off and we know that most of them didn't make it.
If your mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore. If your really tough instead of in tough shape you'll strike. Take all you vacation days at the same time if that's what it takes. Call in sick. Shut it down? From the president of the company to the security guards to the garbage men. Just shut it down. Nothing flys, drives, or has an open sign. Your choice is to shut it down or get shut down. Make it Now, before there's nothing left to shut down.

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