Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama's Shift

People do not seem concerned by Obama's apparent shift form his primary position to his current positions in the general election. In the primaary Obama painted himself as someone who believed in public financing of elections, but whe the money came rolling in he shifted from that position. In the primary Obama gave lofty speeches about real change. He insisted that Washinton was broken and that he was the man to force Congress to toe the line. He even went so far as to suggest that he would insist on televising the proceeding, so that the people would know who was stonewalling. In the general it seems that position has disappeared and it seems that he is content to work inside the same system that he said was broken and he promised to fix. I would categorize Obama as a Democratic Bush. Politics seem to dominate his every move. When was the last time you heard him talk about the plight of veterans. I'm sure you could think of more examples than this, but my point is how do you vote for someone who changes his positions faster than his underware? What does he really represent? I welcome answers to my questions, because so far it seems that Carl Roves cousin is running his campaign. He ducks dodges and slips as much as Bush did under Rove.
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