Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the Oil Shortage Con Of the Century

Most of you do not remember the oil crisis of the 1970's and it gets very little press. Why don't you here about it. Simple the oil companies own stock in alot of huge corporations. Some of these corporations have an interest in every major network. The oil crisis of the 1970's was a scam perpetrated by big oil and after they forced the price of gas up the oil began to flow again.
This oil crisis is a scam too there is enough oil in opec countries to flood the whole plains of the united states in feet of oil. Don't believe it? Of course you don't because the government and the congress tell you there is an oil crisis.
Let's look at the hidden story. Most people don't know that Bush and Cheney are oil men. They both stand to makke or inherit huge fortunes amassed through the oil business. They would no more give up the huge profits they are making than you would your child. Of course they are going to support the oil companies position that oil is scarce. What you don't know is that only a small portion of the oil gets pumped from the ground when oil companies find an underground oil reservoir. Why? The answer is simple. How much a well produces intially is dependent on gas pressure. The gas forces the oil out of the reservoir and it is pumped out of the ground. The average well is never drilled deep enough to do more than take the top layer of oil out of the ground. It's a bit like a staw that only goes one third of the way into your glass. When it reaches a certain point you can't drink any more, but two thirds of the drink is left. The amount of oil that remains under texas alone is staggering, but it was more expensive to retreive, so the oil companies abandoned it.
People also think that there is a shortage of natural gas. This is another fairy tale that americans have bought. The fact is that natural gas is burned off by the oil companies in the oil feilds, because there are huge quantities of it in the oil reservoirs and they can't release it from the ground and allow it to build up and explode. Not only is there natural gas in oil reservoirs, but the states of N.Y. and Pennsylvania have vast quantities of natural gas, so much in fact that some people have actually sunk small wells and supply their houses with it. In some places it simply comes out of the ground by itself.
Now you are probably asking yourself the million dollar question. Why does comgress say there is an oil crisis. The answer is simple. Oil producing states make huge revenues off the the oil that gets pumped out of the ground in their states, so there congressmen and senators have a vested interest in seeing high oil prices. So, what about the rest of congress why do they go along? The answer is one word, money.
The oil companies contribute substancially to the campaign fund of almost every cogressman and Senator, but what most people don't know is that, that money goes to them after they serve a certain number of years in office. Yes they get to keep it. So when you donate to your congressman or senator for their campaigns. You are donating money to their personal wealth, because every penny they don't spend they get to keep. This for many of them is to the tune of millions of dollars. Yes this includes Obama and Mccaine. Win or lose.
So what is the point? Any industry that donates huge sums to congress get a free pass. Congress happily supports any fairy Tale that an industry wants to sell us, because they are getting rich. Who needs bribes when you can get it legally? The oil companies want people to beleive that there is an oil crisis and congress isn't going to fight them. Would you give up part of your retirement i don't think so and neither is congress. They are all owned lock stock and barrel. Politicians don't run for federal office out of some sense of civic duty. They run to get rich and beleive me they all get rich if they go along and vote most of the time in the right way. So the next time you fill up tour tank and bend over think of the money congress is making

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