Friday, July 25, 2008

Russia the unspoken threat

Ok America I know they stopped teaching geography in school and you don't know where Iran and Iraq are or what the Soviet block was, so get out your maps of the world. You can also get one at triple A. Yes those places with the funny names are all countries. Hard to believe eh?
If you can't find Russia ask the Librarian. Why do you need to find it at all, you might ask. The reason is that Russia is the next front for the United States. Yes a war is brewing.
I know your reaction is no way they are our allies. The Hidden Truth is that Russia is not our ally. They are far from being our ally. The KGB continues to spy on the United States and have had a lot of success at it. They are building their military back to the levels of the soviet era and Russians are recalling the communist rule as the good old days.
Most of Russia"s spies are now U.N. Diplomats who dislike the United States intensely. The majority of these diplomats are from countries that the United States considers allies. The Russian KGB is fueled by the immense oil profits and profits from diamonds, so there is no lack of cash. Yes the Soviet Union fell apart, but Russia has risen from those ashes and is intent on regaining super power status. Putin spent Billions rebuilding the military and his successor is continuing that policy.
NATO still mans the borders with Russia and they dare not draw down troop levels there. The possibility of a Russian strike has grown exponentially since Putin took power. The Russians have one goal to be the dominant player in the world. They have threatened military actions if a missile defense system is located in Poland and they mean business. Why do they care if there is a missile defense system in Poland? The reason is that nuclear war is an option. Neither the U.S. or Russia have taken that option off the table. Both countries are capable of a first strike and the president still travels with the black box that allows him to launch a nuclear attack
Russia is tired of being second to the United States. They want to have the ability to force the United States to take their interests in to account and they are not beyond starting a war to do that. Putin has quietly killed off the opposition to his policies. The man came from the KGB and though he shows a kinder gentler face to the United States, the heart of a true KGB operative beats in his heart. Putin has solidified his position in Russian Policy making and has created a defacto dictatorship in Russia. The final step for Putin would be to suspend the few rights that Russians have and become the next Dictator in Russia. So far he has not made this move, but anyone who follows Russia can tell you that that move is not far off.
If Putin does assume total control of Russia in an open power grab The United States will be forced to respond in some manner. Depending on how Putin reacts to the United States actions will determine if all out was begins or if the cold war, which never really ended intensifies. With our troops committed to the middle east it would be an open invitation to a military response by Russia.
Who ever becomes president in this election, you can expect tensions between the U.S, and Russia to rise and maybe reach the boiling point.

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