Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dooms Day The Political Game

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_webunited states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)Today I begin to reveal the real nature of U.S. politics and how the two parties conspired to drive the American economy off the cliff.
 Part I sets the stage for the manipulation of the economy by reducing competition to the point that it only existed on paper.
     Economists work for the government and they are taught by government economists, so they all follow the pack like sheep. When Clinton signed the NAFTA Treaty, collective bargaining in the U.S. began a spiral of death. That piece of legislation began the mass exodus of American jobs over seas and it was applauded by economists. In the decades that followed businesses were raped and union workers turned out the doors. That was preceded by the termination of usury laws that allowed banks unlimited power to charge higher and higher interest rates on houses, cars, and credit cards. Both parties supported these laws and conspired to keep the SEC from having enough staff to rein in Wall Street.
     The whole system was built on borrowed money and housing and using credit card debt as collateral. Republicans aided in the demise of production in the U.S. by allowing China to gain leverage over U.S. borrowing. They then aided companies in out sourcing by giving them deals. Further, Congress past laws that allowed the rich to avoid paying taxes, which reduced the motivations for companies and people to bring dollars into the U.S.
     Both parties took turns lobbying businesses to move over seas and it worked. American jobs went off a cliff in 2008 and continued to follow that trend through 2009.

     During the time the U.S. should have been building clean rooms, business and government decried free trade. Free Trade is just a euphemism for outsourcing.
     Other countries force car makers to pay 25% tariffs on our products, while we charge 2%.
     A total sell out. The pay off to congress is billions of dollars in work after they leave Political Office. In return they allow whole markets to go to other countries such as China. Congress knew about the problem and flooded china with trade deals, even as China's Government used U.S. dollars to build it's military might.
     Congress ignored the price fixing by the oil companies and continues to allow them to act like they are independent nations. A trillion dollar market is owned and controlled by 6 or 7 major companies who buy each others oil at inflated prices to jack up the price of oil simply, because they can. They export U.S. oil and buy more expensive crude and import it to the U.S. simply because they can. In the 50's they would have been taken over by the government, but ours has no teeth. It cowers and whimpers while our resources get sent out of our country, leaving us to pay more for foreign oil we don't need to import.
     Both parties take turns screwing the American public economically. Democrat or Republican nothing changes, because big money has bought them at day one. Jobs that would be here remain in other countries that won't buy our goods or in China's case pay for it to build a military capable of controlling the far east and making a war with China almost certain. It goal to do what Japan could not do, rule the Pacific and drive a wedge between the U.S. and it's pacific allies. The end game to spread its form of Communism throughout Asia and snapping up countries as the U.S. watches powerlessly.
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