Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trying to be Switzerland

Switzerland has a great economy and it's banking sector is the key to that. Other countries have tried to be Switzerland, but it has always resulted in a train wreck. The most recent train wrecks have been Iceland and the U.S., but Europe is about to follow.
     People envy the Swiss economy, but they don't understand that it can't be translated to bigger countries who have large numbers of immigrants and natives, who don't have highly technical skills. The reason that everyone has to have that kind of expertise is that Switzerland's population is mainly that type of people and they simply don't allow people who don't have those kinds of skills to live there. Of coarse there are a small number of people there who are not, but Switzerland is expensive, so they have to be employed by the wealthy or supported by the needs of the wealthy. For instance, farming can be a lower skilled industry, because the wealthy don't really worry about food prices. They pay what it costs. But anyone who doesn't have demand for their skills simply can't afford to live in Switzerland. Still that doesn't stop people in other countries from the delusional belief that it can be done every where.
     For 4 decades the Republicans have tried to make the U.S. into Switzerland and it has resulted in worse and worse depressions. There is no such things as a bad recession. A bad recession is a depression and that is what we have now. If every economist was not owned by the government we would hear the truth about the state of the economy. Nevertheless. Republicans are deluded into thinking that people will do what is in their own interests economically and that simply isn't true. The drive to be top dog always causes people too take short cuts or take more risk than is prudent to get ahead. That is human nature and the reason why big corporations had boards of directors that answered to stock holders. Absent that accountability, corporations always crash and burn. The best example of this is Chase's latest fiasco. No CEO should survive losing 7 Billion dollars unless they are related to Jesus Christ. CEO's are not particularly bright they simply have good decision making skills and get good advice. They also get the inside scoop from their buddies when it counts and have deal making abilities. Most are anal retentive too.
     Still Bush 1 and Bush 2 the sequel both listened to some dumb ass who told them that the U.S. could be Switzerland if only we let people off their leashes. We see how that has worked. Thirty million have lost their Jobs. Mitt Romney's answer to that is that they will leave the country if we simply cut them off. Yes sir! You too can get ready to give up your citizenship if he wins, because he wants people with no money to leave. How do you like Paraguay?
    Too Hispanic for you. Well get your passport ready because the rich can buy their own services and that means you will be unemployed.
     The idea of having an economy based on Switzerland has been kicked around for decades and that is the political fight we are involved in. Do we whittle down our economy to the point that only the rich and their chosen can have opportunity in the U.S. and kick everyone else to the curb after they are no longer useful. That is how it was before Social Security and pensions. When you are no longer able to work, you get nothing and are left to die. Millions died that way, in the poor house, isolated,  without any life, or meaningful activities. This is no exaggeration either. Before unions people worked as many hours as the boss said and for no living wage. Vacations were for the rich. Their lives had meaning watching the rest of us work ourselves to death while they played. It's also the reason they went to hell, so if aunt Molly had millions don't expect to meet her in heaven, "just saying". You can't enslave people and go to heaven as Ebenezer discovered that. That is an aside.
     The question is, whether to shrink the population to the degree that a million people can be served by the rest of the population while they play and pretend to be royalty. The answer to most is hell no, but most don't know that they are voting away their citizenship yet. People are already retiring to Mexico to live a better life. The south has almost finished purging itself of the poorer people. Jobs are few there and people there simply can't afford to stay there. The kids there see no future at all and they have fallen in to hopelessness.
     That is the way you get to a Swiss economy. Unfortunately where do the rest of the U.S. citizens go. No where. Even the ghettos in the cities can't sustain themselves.
     The real question will be, when will the people no longer accept this as a given and turn on those who are trying to take away their lives. Americans have never gone down without a fight and even the rich can't afford to keep people in prison. That would especially be the case if they had to hire private armies to protect themselves from the rest of society and how would you stop IED's. The rich would be captive to their houses unable to use the roads. Is that the America they want. I think we lived those days when Dillinger and others were heroes. Of course in these days they are portrayed as cold and callous killers, but to the poor they were fighting against the wealthy who enslaved and kept others impoverished just like the Swiss economy would do here.
     There are a lot of guns out there too and when it's your choice to go to the poor house will you just give yours up? Americans are fighters. Is it back to the 30"s or the beginning of a revolution. We are at the tipping point. The aristocracy in France never saw it coming.

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