Saturday, March 24, 2012

Refs Throw Syracuse Game to Ohio State

In what seemed to be an obvious gambling scheme the refs took over the Syracuse Ohio State Game and made strategic calls to give Ohio State the game. Syracuse was helpless as they fouls were called more than two to one against them. Will an investigation follow, will the NCAA have the balls to look into their conduct.
      The refs neutered Syracuse's offense by decimating them with fouls early and often hitting 5 Syracuse players with 4 fouls and turning a blind eye to foul after foul by Ohio State. With no Offense left Syracuse did its best but the odds were to stiff to overcome and so the fix was in from the starting tap to the final whistle even as the Commissioner of the NCAA sat and watched mum, as Syracuse's coach pleaded to him for one call.
     Perhaps this was the NCAA's punishment for Syracuse's coach rebuking the press for questioning his coaching abilities. In any case, tonight basketball suffered a black eye no less significant than the Black Sox scandal in Chicago. This time it was not the players but the referees who shaped the NCAA tournament brackets. CBS soft sold the result, as always, knowing that the tournament has sway over their coverage rights. All in all a very disappointing display. College Basketball needs a a new Governing body, because the one they have has created a system that is biased against the athletes and the coaches, who do not garner as much respect as others.
      An example of this is making an obviously mediocre team like Duke a 2 seed in the NCAA after being blown out twice in one season by teams that didn't make the tournament or were bounced themselves. The ACC has become a dead zone for talented teams due too the bias referees show Duke and North Carolina. They should be paying Syracuse to join so they can gain at least a shadow of competitiveness in their league. Other conferences have been decimated by the same problems. Student athletes no longer want to play on, what is a predetermined loser team.
     Basketball has now gone the way of college football which is a farce. Predetermined teams are ranked and and the outcome  follows the rankings unless a tragic injury occurs. The facts is that colleges probably collude to recruit some kids and not others. March Madness is just about the gambling now and the billions of dollars it brings. Teams get home court advantage in the ACC since Raleigh has become what seems to be a permanent site. It would be highly unlikely to see a city like Cincinnati get to be a NCAA site much less the city of a mid major. With the weakness of the PAC 10 the furthest the NCAA goes now is the Midwest.
     As for the athletes, they are the pawns in big a money Ponzie scheme that forbids them to live above the poverty level. God forbid they should get a cut of the millions, that the schools are splitting and advertisers are sucking in, based on their ability to play a sport.
     I went away from football because of the inevitability of the results of the season and the lack of a real National Champion. I guess I will go away from college basketball now, as it has become a farce too. When hype means more than  the game it is time to turn the game off.
     Regardless of the scandals that hit Syracuse, the players on Syracuse should not haved suffered. The school should be fined if it found to have violated rules. The athletes shouldn't suffer.
     As for the cover ups, I have no doubt they exist in every college or University since the economics of sports is so crucial to those institutions. The win at all costs attitude pervades big time college sports. The NCAA rules seem to exist now to keep the athletes from sharing in the prophets, and not to keep them as amatures for the purpose of keeping money from influencing the high dollar sports. It is a laugh that colleges and Universities have decided to raise standards for the athletes educationally when they themselves have turned into intuitions of prostitution, profiting from student loans and rising tuition that bars kids access to a secondary education or robs them of the ability to pay to finish it. It is more sad that it turns kids into indentured servants to the banks and the government and prevents them from living debt free.
     I realize I have extrapolated from a basketball game to a much larger and broader area, but it is really the whole system that is corrupt and the basketball game is just the overtly public corruption that can be observed. Its just a very sad state of affairs in a big picture that has become even sadder.
     My advice to those stuck in that system is simply to not participate in it.
       What if every student in the whole country said I am taking next year off. What do you think would happen to the tuition rates and the interest on loans and the institutional power? It would fall that's what. Instead of students begging to get in, those institutions would be begging them to come back,. much as the credit card companies beg you to get a card if people cut theirs up and stop charging. Banks would beg if people pulled their money out and refused to participate in their system.
      Some uneducated people might think that I propose communism, but what i propose is simply being a good consumer. People should know if what they are buying has the value that it is priced at and if it doesn't they should simply decide not to purchase it. We wait for things to go on sale, but we don't wait for everything to go on sale. We need to wait for a sale on everything we use and buy. If you can't pay for it in your life time a thing has no value unless your kids will benefit. You can't leave an education to your kids, its impractical for them to wait til their 50 to get it and it doesn't work that way. In your life you'll pay more fees to the bank than you'll ever get in services. I suggest a post office box and postal orders instead. It doesn't pay interest but neither does the bank and you can probably trust the post office more than the bank.
                                            Think about it, why pay some one to hold your money for the month. Hell I would hold it for free. Would you hold someones money for free if you could use it for a while and give it to them when they want it? Why pay someone to save your money. True story a friend put 50 dollars in a savings account for a rainy day. When that rainy day came a few months later she went to the bank to get it. The account was empty. Why? Guess! The bank had charged a fee every month til it was cleaned out. Poof it was gone. It would have been safer buried in a box in the ground. People used to do that ya know. Just saying.

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