Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Republican Vision

Wesley Autrey at the State of the Union AddressImage via WikipediaThe Republican vision is the same insanity that sent every manufacturing job in the Midwest and on the east coast to China. There answer to the problem of no jobs is to allow companies to do whatever they want. Well, we saw what those companies wanted. They wanted to send our jobs to India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico. We watched this country bleed jobs overseas. Surprise there are no jobs. The tax breaks the Republicans gave them to send the jobs overseas had nothing to do with that, Right?
     It is amazing how articulate they can be when they lie to the country. They sold us out. Free trade allowed countries to send all their products here and make them some where else. It allowed other countries to dump products on us by the ship load around the clock, but what it did not do, is make those countries buy American Made Products. They fail to mention that all last year Korea bought less than 100 American cars. How many did they sell here. Look around. How many Hyundai's and Kia's do you see on the road. This the real deal behind free trade. Jobs for them and go screw yourself to American Products. The Republicans totally support this policy. Their donors are getting rich off it, while you are getting unemployed.
     The only thing that kept The United States from tanking was grow. That was fueled by your credit cards. You bought and businesses expanded. Now that you are trying to pay off your debt, there is no one to buy, because no other countries will let our products in. Republicans didn't see the amount of debt your house hold was in as a problem. They opposed lowering interest rates on credit cards. They still oppose that. They oppose anything that would put a dollar in your pocket. Millionaires however can get tax cuts at will. Corporations can send their money to countries where there is no income tax and pay no taxes. Can you do that? Yes you can? That's right you can avoid paying income tax on your your money. How? Become a Corporation/ You'll need to pay a fee and get a good accountant, but you can pay no taxes on money you make outside your job.
     Did the Republicans tell you that? Don't think so. It is a closely guarded secret. Bet your Congressman has done it and your Senator too.
     Yes those Republicans are on your side. They are going to cut the budget. First cut. Eliminate the Department of Education. Result your kids isn't getting financial aide for college. Get your wallet out, because you are paying the full ride when they done.
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