Sunday, January 9, 2011

Democrat Shot! Are Republicans Responsible?

Perhaps today we have see the result of Republican hate speak. Democrat Gabrielle Gifford was gunned down in a town hall meeting. The second attack on her since Sarah Palin placed cross hairs on her district. It would seem that this was only a matter of time.
     Republicans have misused their right to "Freedom of Speech to create a unprecedentedly hostile atmosphere in the political scene. No matter how much they run away from their words they can not escape, at least some responsibility for the shooting of the Democratic Congresswoman. I have spoken before about the this issue in the past and I predicted that this would occur. Republicans denied that they were creating an atmosphere where people would get killed, but they continued their irresponsible attacks.
     It may be my opinion, but they may not have pulled the trigger, but they loaded the gun. I only hope that this will serve as a lesson to them to shut there mouths and do the business of The United States.

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