Monday, November 1, 2010

Republicans Back Anti U.N. Candidate

"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...Image via WikipediaRepublicans deperately want Sharon Angle to win in her senate race, even though she wants to withdraw from the U.N. The new Republican Congress is shaping up to be a battle zone between people who want to dismantle every government agency and thos who simply want power in the Republican Party.
     The destruction that these people will do once they get in office is going to be a wide swath that leaves children without schools, Social Security subject to the whims of Wall Street traders and more jobs going to China.
     In a disastrous step N.Y.'s public pension fund were gambled in the stock market. The result was the decimation of the pension fund and a massive budget crisis when the state was forced to make up for the losses. But the Wall Street Brokers made billions off investing that money, while the poor state workers watched there pension fund drop like a rock.
     For years the Republicans controlled the N.Y. State Senate and the result was budget deficits that are driving the state the brink of bankruptcy. Kinda like the legacy of George Bush. Now the state is facing the specter of releasing criminals from prison, raising taxes, and borrowing billions of dollars. This is what privatizing gets you and it will deep six Social Security for everyone from 30 and above.
     The Republicans want to cut Medicare coverage. The fact is that at age 60 insurance companies don't want to keep you on their rolls. They cancel those people and Medicare is the only safety net that exist from pay out of your own pocket. At the rate medical expenses are rising only Bill Gates and a few others will have that luxury after they retire.
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