Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jobs Going Going Gone. The Real Deal

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The Republicans have very convenient memories. The strange thing is that they believe their own lies. It simply amazes me that they can slap a different label on themselves every four years and people believe they have changed. Maybe it's because half their constituency only know Rush Limbaugh's talk show and Fox News Network. Any one who listens exclusively to those can be excused for being a brain washed idiot. But for those of you that can actually change the channel, here is the real deal.

Bill Clinton left office with a balanced budget and a plan to reduce the national debt in place. A moron could have gone into office and the debt would have gone down. Hell we could have elected a chimp and got those results, but instead we got George Bush both versions. Good old George decided that a good economy was not good enough. He needed to create a super economy. To that end he and the rest of the Republicans stopped regulating the economy and just turned it loose like a bad tempered pit bull. Anything went during the Bush administration. Good old fashioned greed was allowed to over rule common sense. They paid companies to take the jobs to China and India and proclaimed that the American economy could sustain itself on borrowed money.

People are fairly stupid now days, so they figured that the borrowing would just keep going on forever. They took out second mortgages, paid their credit cards and started borrowing all over again. After all if the government is telling you it's safe, why wouldn't they? The Republicans borrowed money hand over fist for George Bush. It got to the point where they couldn't borrow in Europe, so they borrowed from China. They let tons of toxic products into our country to keep the Chinese happy and gave banks the freedom to sell any thing that wasn't nailed down. All this and guess what, it came time to pay the bills.

When it's time to pay the bills everyone stops spending. When that happens people lose their jobs. Luckily for Bush and his buddies they got to move to Texas and hide out while everyone else was left to fix the problem. He's probably hunting on some billionaires estate as we speak. Republicans always seem to be living high off the hog, even when we can't afford a pork chop. Now ladies and gentlemen comes the kicker.

Ten million jobs are gone forever. The ones that are not because of down sizing, are gone because the Republicans sent them tied up in a bow to second world nations. Why? Because their buddies in business wanted to pay ten cents an hour to have someone to do your job. Want a job? Move to China. They are hiring.

If you need to know if this is true, just call for tech support and see if you can understand it. If you want a real laugh listen to the telemarketers. You need a translator to figure out what they are selling.

The next time the Republicans say they are worried about the budget, remember it's not your budget they are worried about. It's the budget of some guy from China who is paying for their campaign's or the budget of some billionaire that might have to hire an American to work for him instead of that guy that gets ten cents a day.
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