Friday, August 27, 2010

Beck Is No King

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via Wikipedia     It's amazing that a man who has called The President a racist can stand on the same ground as the greatest civil rights leader's most famous speech on it's anniversary. If anything it shows the tolerance of the Obama Administration for the haters that back the Republican Party.
     Make no mistake, when these men speak, there is always a target. Someone or something that they can point people's hate towards. It's nothing new. Hitler fumed the hate of the German people with words of hate for the Jews and Radical Islamic Clerics fuel the hate of Islamic Terrorists with words of hate for America.
     Hate is a powerful weapon and when it is wrapped in an American flag it seems to be justified, even acceptable. If you throw in a background of bald eagles and patriotic pictures it becomes hypnotizing. Especially during these times, when people are looking for a road out of a terrible depression. It was actually bad economic times that gave Hitler the opportunity to rise to power in Germany.
     People should understand that strong emotions can motivate us to do great things or terrible things. Hate disguised as love is still hate. This country is not about race. It is about people who came together from around the world to embrace a way of life that accepts people for who and what they are. A country that has seen immigrants shed their blood, to fight for it, in war after war for a way of life that is different from any other country. It seems that some people believe that those men and women died so they could use them as a back drop for hateful words. The truth is they died, so that people would have the freedom to live normal lives in an extraordinary country. No matter how bad you have it in America, it is better than many other nations.
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