Saturday, April 3, 2010

reBlog from Myoungatheart5: The hidden news

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I found this fascinating quote today:

In what I can only characterize as the dirtiest game ever. Duke brutalized West Virginia. During the game Zoubek "the enforcer" nearly cross blocked West Virginia players. In one case two West Virginia players hit the floor and the refs blew a foul on West Virginia. West Virginias point guard had to leave the game in the first five minuts, because of an injury. After reentering the game, he was forced to again to comeout after his uniform was torn off his back. He reentered the game again, but he didn't stand a chance against the physical beating that Duke put on him.With ten minutes left Duke who had fouled their way to a lead of ten points took out Deshaun Butler, an award winning player for West Virginia. Ironically as Butler writhed on the floor in agony. The refs called the foul on West Virginia. With Butler writhing in pain and in tears Huggins turned to an official and made the comment that summed the game. He said, "and they don't foul" meaning Duke. There has been no imformation released on Butler's injury but his leg dragged lifelessly behind him as he was carried off the court. The speculation is that the injury he sufferd may end his basketball carreer.CBS sportscommentators swallowed their tongues during the game. Anyone watching could see the pounding that was being put on West Virginia's players, but they made no mention of it. Instead they praised Duke after the game for playing their best game this year. In the 40 years I have watched basketball I have never seen a more brutal and punishing game on any schools part. I watch the Big East which is arguably the most physical league in college basketball and I have never witnessed this level of violence. It is completely disgraceful that CBS commentators did not express conceern for the players on West Virginia as they were taking the pounding that culminated in Butler's injury. In an effort to protect his team from further injury Huggins seemed to have told his team to back off, fearing injuries to other players.Duke Sited team work as thei key to their success. They sure would be handy in a bar fight.Myoungatheart5, The hidden news, Apr 2010

You should read the whole article.

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