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China's Secret War

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China has declared war on the U.S. This war may seem to be an economic war, but it is really a secret war designed to bring the U.S. to it's economic knees and take control of our government.
Russia and China took different paths in Carl Marx ideology. The Russians saw communism as a beginning for it's ideology, which was renamed socialism. Socialism was political and economical ideology that allowed for political leaders and members of it's communist party to be above average citizens. They believed that people were not equal. The Soviet Union became more of an empire. This was completely contrary to the beliefs of Carl Marx, who believed that everyone deserved to prosper equally with each other.
The Russians backed the Chinese Communists, but when the Chinese communists gained power they turned their backs on The Soviet Union. This snub is the basis for the hatred that exist between Russia and China. The Soviet Union backed the Chinese Revolution, because it wanted to control all of Asia and the parts of Europe that it controlled already. The paranoia of The Soviet Union was all consuming. They saw their situation as them against the world and they wanted China to go communist to solidify their security.
China took a different approach to communism at first. They believed literally in Carl Marx vision of society and they sought to construct the grand society. A society that was truly equal from top to bottom. Of course this was a total failure, but their goal was to take over all of Asia because they believed that all Asians were linked to them through blood. This, they thought gave them the right to take over every country that had people of Asians descent. This put them directly at odds with the Soviet Union, which was trying to spread socialism through out those same countries. This is why China and Russia have nukes pointed at each other.
Flash forward. The U.S. and Russia agree to cooperate with each other in key areas after the fall of the Soviet Union. This causes ramped paranoia within the Chinese Government, because it is now facing the two most powerful countries in the world and they are both enemies.
It was at this point that China opened it's economic doors to The United States in order to turn Russia and The united States against each other, so that it would not be facing two great enemies. For China, the period in which the U.S. and The Soviet Union were at the brink of war, was a time when they enjoyed the most politically secure times since it's transformation into a communist state.
With Russia and the U.S. cooperating China felt threatened and decided to drive a wedge between The U.S. and Russia by luring American businesses into business partnerships. This was highly successful, but China's aim was not just to divide The U.S and Russia, but to destroy America. Over the past two decades China has done everything possible to sabotage American businesses. The government controlled businesses in China have peddle poison to our children and dangerous products to our people. Chinese backed companies are buying into every market in the world in an effort to control them, so it can bring the U.S. to it's knees by eliminating all the markets the U.S. has. It has manipulated it's currency, so that it's money is becoming more attractive than the dollar. It wants the dollar to be eliminated as the worlds currency and in, what is a transparent plow, it has asked that a new monetary unit be created. However, what is clear, is that China wants all the world to do business in the currency that it controls.
China is waging a not so secret war to destroy the economy of the United States and turn The U.S. into a paper tiger. All muscle, but no clout. When that day happens China will have won and it will dictate to the United States what it may and may not do. It will control the U.S. Government and dictate it's foreign and domestic politics.

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