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Dick Cheney Or George Bush in 2012

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The Republicans would probably like Dick Cheney to run for office in 2012, but they are more likely to put up, a conservative speak, George Bush type. They are hell bent on continuing the Bush policies that led us to this economic melt down. Every change that Obama tries to make that would change one of George Bushes policies, they fight tooth and nail. They claim that it is a moral stand against big government, but the truth is that it grew more during the Bush administration than it did in The Clinton Administration and The Reagan Administration combined.
During The Bush years the same Senators and Congressmen who claim to hate big government passed every bill expanding it. As a matter of fact they passed every law and bill that Bush sent them. They had the majority and it was their way or the highway. Republicans shut the Democrats out of every decision or forced it on them by saying that it would weaken the nation if the Democrats didn't vote for their Bill.
The Republicans can spend their days running around like chicken little, but they were the ones that brought the sky, the roof, and the building down on us. It was The Republicans that ignored the coming train crash and allowed the trains to collide. They allowed poisoned Chinese goods to be sold to our children, because they didn't think that the government should monitor goods coming into this country. They thought the corporations would do it. Well it didn't happen and millions of kids were exposed to lead in everything from toys to clothes. The same policy was followed for the nations food supply. Republicans once again used the big government beating on the poor farming community. What happened there. We had wide spread epidemics of food poisoning and people died. The kicker is that they were not fighting for the family farmer. They were fighting for multi billion dollar food conglomerates, that had more than enough money to test produce.
Not to be forgotten is the senseless deaths of family pets due to grain that Republican Policy allowed to flood the country from China. Wheat by products that were not even healthy enough for an animal. Lord knows what poisons entered our food industry. With people dropping like flies, who can tell if produce was the only source. The Republicans scream free trade, but what they really mean is a free pass to any company that wants to import poison and sell it to the American people. The are so big business oriented that they probably agree with these corporations when they institute policies that speak about acceptable negative results. In plain lingo, it is OK for a certain number of people to die or get maimed by their products so long as it doesn't significantly impact their profit. They actually figure out how much a default will cost them in a lawsuit and set aside money to pay off the claims. Of course the victims are all made to sign gag orders in the settlements.
Big government is just a Republican buzz word for a policy that allows companies to decide how many people are acceptable losses for the profit of their the companies products. The fact is for the eight years of The Bush Administration, no one was allowed to look into any king of product liability issues. The Republicans talk about small business, but in the eight years they were in control of the Senate and The Congress, the only people who got tax relief were the super rich. During that time small business accumulated more debt than ever before in history period.
Free trade is not letting business run wild and allowing criminals sell mortgages. It is not a immoral disregard for customers and their safety. Free trade is not the right to trade wheat gluten laced with rat poisoning to companies. Free trade is the responsible trade of quality goods raw materials between countries.
It is the disgrace of the decade of the 90's that goods were bought and sold without any quality control at all. That disgrace is magnified by the deaths of people who trusted the government to keep those goods safe and had the government turn it's back on them. It is to the shame of every industry that turned a blind eye to it, so they could increase the dividends they paid to share holders. Share holders, may I add, that were probably buying those good and products.
This is what the Republicans are fighting to uphold. This is why they walk in lock step like the members of The Third Riche. This is what their talk show hosts and their allies want to ram down our throats. Do you think those talk show hosts aren't willing puppets for the people that pour money into their bank accounts. Funny that in The Republican world drug dealing and addicts are scum, but let that addict be a prominent Republican spokes person and they get a free pass. Wonder if a nurse in the same position, but without that backing, would get that consideration. Bet you know the answer. I don't seem to remember them starting a foundation to help the countless other addicts. Oh wait that's what they want to cut. Along with any funding that would prevent a young unisured person from dying.

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