Sunday, October 11, 2009

Republicans Create Envirement Ripe for Assination?

Is it wittingly or unwittingly that Republicans and, their unofficial spokesman of hate, Rush Limbaugh could be creating an environment that could lead to Obama's assassination? In either case the unthinkable could result.
The secret service needs to be vigilante, less Kennedy's fate repeated by some crazed southerner. We all know what happened in Dallas. That memory is etched on the brains of many of us who were young children at the time of Kennedy's death. The fact that a southerner was convicted in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy seems to be lost on the general public. Is it a coincidence that a Conservative Southern Democrat took his place.
Many people wouldn't call Johnson a Conservative, but he was forced to follow a more liberal policy to save the South of the stigma of being called assassins, which many were at the time, though they concealed it by masking it in the persona of the Ku Klux Klan.
Is Limbaugh connected to the Klan? One wonders. He spews the same hate speach as they do, but without the racial or religious undertones that would surely drive his sponsor's away. Never the less, his attitude seems to be one of a person who might be a member of the Klan. Of course, as the Klan has done in the past, it would surely be denied More reasonable people might recognize that Klan or not, Limbaugh is a radical Conservative who might want to see Obama dead. He would deny that, but all people have to do is create the environment; then they can have plausible deniability and protection from responsibility under the law should some crazed listener do such an evil act. As for the Republicans, they don't seem to have the desire to preempt such an act from taking place since they seem to worship at Limbaugh's feet. There for I would say that they are conplicit in the result should it occur.
Finally I would like to say that this is my opinion and the questions I have at this time and I wonder why The Secret Service has not made this a priority since it seems to me that speaking about the president in a viscous way might cause him to be in danger from some fervent conservative maniac.

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