Thursday, September 17, 2009

Erin Maxwell could have died accidently

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It is possible that Erin was not murdered at all. If Erin had fallen walking on a board on her bed, because the board turned sideways, she could have fallen forward with the board striking her between her legs in her privates. Falling forward would have pulled the rope in what would appear to be a downward angle. This could have also lead to her hitting her head on the board and perhaps her face.
I have heard no evidence that Erin struggled to free herself, which anyone being choked would have done. It may be that she was knocked senseless when she hit the board and did not try to free herself immediately. I can not say that this is what really happened it is simply a very plausible and logical method in which it could have happened if it was an accident.
I am not on any one's side. I simply find the facts of this case a perplexing mystery that do not add up. You simply don't strangle someone with a rope without leaving some DNA behind. The force needed to strangle someone would almost definitely leave some of the killer skin on the rope. I have worked with children in the past and they can be very strong. Almost anyone who is fighting for their life would have a surge of adrenalin that would make them stronger than normal. Anyone who has seen two kids in a fight would know that it is not easy to separate them and size does not always predict which one ends up sitting on top of the other. There are many questions that still gnaw at me, This was and is a very strange set of circumstances, surrounding her death.

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