Saturday, August 22, 2009

Republicans Murder The Unisured

Republicans have purposely weaved a web of lies to get back into power after destroying the economy and putting people out on the streets. They are now sentencing millions of people to death, including children to prevent them from getting insured. Every day people are diagnosed with catastrophic illness and have no resource. They simply wait to die, because they have no insurance or they are under-insured. The Republicans count on the greed of the American people, which is well documented to weave their plan. They know that the uninsured are the invisible workers and children of this country. The person that gets your coffee, changes your tires, and serves you in all those little ways that make you feel pampered. Most of them are younger under employed people who's huge companies do not supply adequate health coverage. The Republican plan is to spare McDonald's and the huge insurance companies from covering these people. As usual they get paid buy lobbyists to deny the people a right. This time it is the right to life, which is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. The bottom line in the United States is that if your to expensive you shouldn't live any more.
Today I call on every uninsured American do a small thing to show you exist. On labor day at 7:00 PM walk out and stand on the side of the street for 5 minutes. I call on every american who knows someone who is uninsured to spread the word to them to do this. Just show yourselves. There is nothing to be ashamed of you are victims of the Republicans.

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