Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gas $3.50 A Gallon

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Hold on to your wallets folks. Gas has risen a dollar since it hit its low at $1.60 a gallon. Soon you'll be emptying those change jars again to get enough to get to work. If you have a job that is.
Obama's people expect gas to hit at least $3.50 a gallon. We all know that the government let's the oil companies charge what they want, so this shouldn't surprise you. The oil companies own the government. There is not one government official who will take them on. Well maybe Sarah Palin, but I was speaking about The Federal Government.
Hell why don't we just but our gas upfront. We'd be better to lock it in now than wait another month. For years the oil companies and the car companies have had a pact to keep gas mileage low, so the oil companies could charge what they want. What do you think gas prices will do now that the government owns GM. They will get the tax revenue from the gas and you will be buying your car from them. Does that make you a bit queasy in the stomach? It does me.
I think we ought to let the Mexicans in and start moving there. It's cheaper to live there and for the most part the weather is better. There are no jobs there, but hell, there aren't any here. If you haven't lost yours yet, it's because your business hasn't gotten around to it yet. Don't worry they will.
The government really wants us all to work for Walmart and at this point that doesn't look too bad. The Class of 2009 would probably take a job at Walmart considering there are no other jobs. They are in serious debt and with no job they are defaulting n their loans. Of course the banks will raise your interest rates to make up for that.
Why would anyone want to keep a credit card at 30% interest. If you use it your credit rating will plunge. All these experts who tell you not to close the accounts want you to use those cards and spend yourself into oblivion. If you can't afford to pay it who cares if you can borrow less money on a credit card. Credit Cards are now just another scam on us.
When gas hits $3.50 a gallon as predicted, you will be parking your car, because that is the real reason for the recession. People couldn't pay that much for gas and pay their bills and the same will be true when it happens again. If you are listening to them say the stock market is recovering, you should turn the sound down now. Gas prices are what will determine a rally. If they head up hide your money in the mattress or buy gold, because we are in for a big crash. If gas prices go to $3.50 a gallon, and they will, you can bet that people will not even be driving to Walmart.
Some people will call this gloom and doom talk, but if you think back to last year, the bottom fell out when gas prices spiked to record highs. With them on the rise, you can bet that no one will be buying anything stimulus or not. Be vary wary of spending any money with gas prices on the rise.

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