Monday, May 25, 2009

Israeli Cowardice

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Thousands of Americans have died and more die daily fighting Arab extremists. These soldiers didn't ask for this war and their families did not ask for them to be shipped back in coffins. Make no mistake about why they are dying; they are dying because of Israel's lust for land.
Even as Amaerican's have their limbs blown off, the Israelis build more and more settlements in an attempt to drive the Palestinians out. They tear down the Palestinian's houses and build housing, so that they can expand to the point that their Genicide of the Palestinian's is complete. It reminds me of the fate the native americans suffered at the hands of our government.
As the Israeli's build and build, they cowar from the war that rages in the middle east. They have not and will not send troops to fight next to our men and women. They are cowards.
We should not be fighting a proxy war for Israel. They have men and we have sold them all the weapons they need to get the job done. This war is not about the U.S. This war is about years of turning a blind eye as israel mistreated the Arabs and fanned the flames of hare in the Middle East to the point that we became a target. If Israel wants the land let them fight for it. Let them die. The Middle East is not our problem, but it came back to bite us in the ass on (/11. That was the day that the arab extremists chose to punish us for our hands off approach to Israel.
I will be called an antisemite for this blog, but I have Jewish blood. I have Jewish aunts and uncles and cousins. I respect their beleifs, but I can not and will not watch silently as Israeli Policy spills more and more American blood. The Israelis have the means and the weapons to fight and it is time they ended their cowardly ways and fight their own battles.
As for the Arab extremist, it has long been an international agreement that combatants who do not where uniforms are spies and they should be summarily tried and executed. Personally I think that they should be left hanging in public for a few days as a message to these animals that we don't take any shit.
As for Pakistan, if they can't handle their business or are somehow aligned with these extremists, we should remedy the situation with our superior weaponry. You don't pay thugs and black mailers, you kill them.You find them and and let the B52's do the work. It's ironic that we have the best weapons in the world and we can not annihalate these parasites. It would seem that the billions of dollars we have poured into weapons systems year after year for decades have not created weapons that can take care of the problem. Maybe it went to the Officer's Golf Courses.
Finally, I would like to point out that thereis not one general in the military with the guts to lead our men into battle. They are useless lazy pencil pushers, who would sacrifice 100 eighteen year olds, so that their recreation is not interrupted. Where is Patton when you need him?

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