Monday, April 6, 2009

It's time to Split New York State

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Upstate NY knows that the interests of downstate NY are separated by a huge rift. Downstate votes laws that have no benefit for upstate, but they are forced to pay for them. Downstate doesn't even like upstate NY. They snobbishly consider themselves the only part of NY that counts, so it's time to split New York State and allow Upstate NY to persue it's own course. If votes were decided on geographical area upstate would win every vote, but they have the majority of the people. They also cost the state the majority of the money it costs to run the state. So let us have our land, which downstate doesn't care about and have a government that is truly responsive to us. It's time for north and south NY. Just like the Carolinas.
That worked out fine for both halves of the Carolinas and it will work out just as well for north and south NY. Upstate is a totally different environment from downstate and they really don't want us, so cut us loose. We can do what is economically beneficial to us and southern NY will not have to be bothered with us. It makes total sense that when two areas have nothing in common that they separate and persue their own interests. Upstate is rural with a few major cities, that with time and without the straight jacket Albany has put on it, will do quite well. It has vast natural resources and no need for people from New York City or Albany to spend a day here and there in it and decide what's in it's best interest. We don't need the PSC and The Attorney General doesn't recognize upstate, so no big deal there. The governor, the legislature and most of the agencies that should represent us are from Downstate. It makes total sense that they should deal with downstate and allow us to become a separate state that represents itself with people from our geographic region. We are best able to decide what is right for our region economically, politically, and in any other manner that need be considered.
For years upstater's have talkled about splitting the state and I think the time has come. Our issuse have nothing in common with downstate at all and their attachment to us has caused nothing but economic ruin and inconvience for us.
We do not want or need a state that is ruled by monopolies, which drain our wallets and cause the area to be economically depressed, because it is convient for downstate. We have plenty of energy, tons of land that can be developed, and a transportation corridor that is rival to none. All we need is for Albany to release the corrupt strangle hold it has on us and let us develope it. Upstate has the potential to be a tax bastion since we have a very small drain on the economic budget.We don't want or need every hair brained law and ordinance that downstate whimsically places on us.
The time has come people to do what has been socially, economically, and politically logical for decades. Simply split the state.

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