Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Politics Equals Gridlock

No mater what party you belong to it's time to understand that politics is keeping anything from getting done.
     Republicans and Democrats in office spend all their time trying not to offend people. It doesn't matter if the sky falls they will always spend the majority of their time raising money for campaigns and avoiding votes on anything that will anger their constituency. Nothing is getting done because neither side wants to do anything except get reelected, so they can be treated special. They are so immature that they can not stand the thought of being treated like we are.
     Elections are not about who will improve people's lives, they are about whether your elected official feels special.
     From the dog catcher , to the governor, to the White House (Democrat or Republican)  politics has become about who can get a free ride for life. You are the lowest priority on their lists. They lie to you continuously and you are to busy to check their stories. You vote for them over and over and get the same result over and over. That  result is never good either. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over, getting a negative result, and expecting that that will change.
     People you need a reality check. From the bible belt to liberal San Francisco things are bad. Your choices in representatives are not changing and neither is our situation. The fact is that electing someone who will not do anything you don't like, tells elected officials one thing; Don't do anything. For decades they haven't been doing anything. If your a Republican, you know they don't want to do anything. They keep telling you they don't.
     If you expect things to change you should be checking yourself into the hospital for psychological evaluation. You sent the message that you didn't want anyone to do anything to change anything from the dog catcher to the White House. Any one who tries to do anything doesn't get reelected. America has sent the message not in my back yard and it has been heard. Business has moved over seas to get away from you. You aren't worth the money you cost them trying to satisfy you. Americans don't want to work. All they want is a job that allows them to pretend and get paid. Politicians know this, so they have let all the companies move.
     Americans don't like stores near them, so people built malls and strip malls far away from them. Americans have said no to so many things no one even asks any more.
     By the way the only people who get paid to do nothing are local, county, state, and federal employees.
     Businesses have figured out that they had a hell of a lot of people that didn't work and they don't miss them.
     No matter who you elect on election day, you can count on one thing, they won't do anything, but eat on your dime and continue to run for reelection until they are set for life.
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