Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bury Your Heads (Economics 101)

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...Image via WikipediaIf you listen to the Republican message in this election year carefully, it seems to be, bury your head and do nothing. This is a very interesting proposal. After 8 years of George W. Bush's fantasy policies and life of denial, the Republicans want to try that policy again. It seems they think that Bernie Madoff wasn't such a bad investor after all. Why not leave the Wall street Banks and Money Advisers go back to business in the Bush years?
     On Afghanistan, they propose widening the war. Isn't that a good idea. Send 800,000 more troops to Afghanistan and win. Of course, there is no real government in Afghanistan and the country is run by drug lords outside Kabul, but those are minor details. Just throw money at the problem. Bush did that in Iraq and borrowed from the Chinese to pay for it. It didn't matter that the Chinese were financing the enemy by sending our money to Iran to buy weapons. This was a good policy and we should follow it in Afghanistan.
     Tax cuts to millionaires is also a great idea. Never mind that 9.5 million people have no income, let's make sure the rich can buy more gold. Why should they have to hide their income in Switzerland or the Caymans. Those poor people might have to cut back on their staffs in the French Riviera or the illegal aliens that garden and take care of their kids. Which, by the way, is the reason Republicans oppose immigration reform. All those millionaires would have to pay minimum wage. God forbid that.
     The government is spending too much money is the battle cry. OK during the Bush years, the Republicans threw money away faster than the twin towers fell. Didn't that happen when Bush was president. Oh well no matter.. Bush inherited a balanced budget from Clinton and in eight years he and the Republican Congress nuked it out of existence. Should we try that policy again? Are you willing to go for a one trillion dollar deficit every 6 months? Think back folks.
     Now even the Republicans hate the Republicans. All those Tea Party people are Republicans and conservatives.
     By all means vote Republican or don't vote all. Things can't get any worse. Right? Just because the Stock Market dropped to 8000 points by the time the Republicans were through last time doesn't mean it will happen again. Besides you own gold. Don't you. Oh well tough if you don't. Retire to the projects.
     Yes. I think doing nothing is a great strategy. You are keeping all those people in the unemployment offices employed. How is your city doing financially. We had one just close right up. Who's taxes are going to pay for those problems? Are you a millionaire who can afford to move to where the money is? All you need to do is sell that house and buy a new one. Oh I forgot you can't. The housing market dropped 27 percent last month.
     Well have nice life.
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