Friday, February 19, 2010

Planes, Guns, Pipe Bombs, Revolution?

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The world is crazy. People in America are taking matters into their own hands with a vengeance. The question is why. Every time it happens the questions is why. The answer is always they were crazy. Well that's only part of the answer. Mental illness has two causes genetic and stress.
If you think that most people are normal, look at your friends and relatives. Normal is a fantasy. Everyone has quirks. They just compensate for them. But take Mr or Mrs. Average and start to pile problems on them and they are less and less able to compensate. America's answers to problems are buck up and get a job. I did it. Other people's problems aren't my problem. Result, one day you are sitting at work and someone crashes a plane into your building. Not likely, right? More likely they walk in and start shooting. Suddenly their problem is your problem in a big way.
It's OK to kill abortion doctors and burn their clinics. It's OK to burn buildings to save puppies. Guess what if this is your attitude, your kids are learning that it's OK to commit violent acts. Result they are the ones that snap and walk into work or school with an arsenal.
You don't care. Everyone gets it. Well, that attitude has spread far and wide in America. People think all they have to do is pass a law. Great! After they shoot your kids and kill themselves, we'll arrest them.
It's time to look at your neighbors house and ask what their attitude toward their neighbors is, because your life might depend on it. It's time to realize that people you don't know, will do unto their neighbors as others do unto them.
Their is a lack of consideration in this country that is unmatched in only some third world countries. Americans don't want to be bothered. 10,000,000 people are unemployed in the U.S. Millions have no health insurance. I know not your problem. Well it's time to get the message that desperation drives people to do crazy things. If your kid had a disease and you had no insurance, I'm sure you would just tell them your sorry, put them to bed, and bury them when they died. You wouldn't try to save them.
Your neighbor loses his house, it's an opportunity for you to pick up a cheap investment property. Hey you got to get payed. Now the government has your attitude, because the politicians have your attitude. One third of the country doesn't vote, but they want their rights protected. Guess what. If your not a voter they don't care.
It's time that you start to care a lot. Unemployment is driving the deficit to record levels. Lack of health insurance is breaking the government beginning at the national level, right down to the local level. The recession is not going to end.
Is this Obama's fault. No! You wanted to get paid. Don't touch my money. Everything is fine for me. People learned a lesson during the great depression. It was a hard lesson, but a valuable lesson. When people can't afford to buy things. Everyone loses their jobs. The time when people paid their doctor's in eggs and odd jobs isn't gone for good if we don't push Congress and all our politicians to fix the problems that we have.
Not making a choice is making a choice and the result is usually bad. The Republicans are practicing avoidance. Hell all the politicians are. The bottom is about to fall out, believe it or not.
In the thirties Roosevelt had to act to prevent a revolution. Now, in 2010, we are once again on the brink of upheaval. People cared in the thirties, but now it's every man for himself. That attitude will result in an anger that spreads through out this country and without a sense of "We The People things could get ugly real fast.
Pointing fingers and whining are not going to get it done. A Bomb is ticking in America and the explosion could rock the roots of our freedom.
Freedom comes with a responsibility. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of everyone in this country. It's a responsibility to stand up for our neighbors and fellow Americans. That is the only thing that assures every one's freedom and at this moment it is missing.
When we can raise more money for Haiti than we can for our fellow Americans our very is core is at threat. Who will take care of us, but us? What country will ride to our rescue? None! As we go the world goes and we are a sinking ship. Our jobs are going over seas. You can't have an economy if no one can afford to buy. The less people there are that can buy the less competition their will be and we have seen with our banks what a lack of competition's result can be. I don't have to tell you that what we have is a robbery.

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