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Financial Advise, Snake Oil

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I am going to set the record straight. Anyone who makes money off your money shouldn't be trusted. Debt is bad. I know that sometimes people have to borrow money. Would you lend money to someone who owed as much as you owe? Tell the truth. Sure you pay your bills. The question is will the person you are lending to pay. If a stranger walked up to you and asked to borrow a thousand dollars, What would you say? This is point one. A credit score is meaningless to people who don't need to borrow money. If you payed off your bills and payed cash, you wouldn't give a damn about your credit score. A credit score is a way to hold you hostage financially. It goes up and down based on what whim over takes the financial institutions, whether you pay your bills or not. Borrow money and it can go up or down. Why, because somone you didn't give permission makes a judgement about you. Pay off your credit cards and close them and it goes down. Does that make sense? if you don't owe any money, you should be a great credit risk.
Here's the real deal. The credit score companies and the banks are working together to put you in debt and keep you in debt forever. Anyone who tells you to borrow money when you don't need to is making money off you in some way. Of course the credit score companies want you to borrow money. If you didn't they would be out of a job. They are conning you. Or more to the point blackmailing you into borrowing money. Money that you will pay in interest. Who pays the credit score companies? Anyone who is lending you money, that's who. This is why the credit score companies want you to borrow. They are making millions from constantly being asked for peoples credit scores and credit histories. They have no interest in you if you pay cash. They don't make a dime if you save up and buy things. Who pays for the people you are borrowing from to check your credit scores? You do. Do you think that the fees and interest rates they charge you are pointless. Far from it.
Now, lets look at your bank accounts. Do you get any interest from them. Add up the fees and subtract that from your interest and see what you lost. Banks are using your money and making tons of money by using your money for free. Keeping money in a bank account costs you money. People are stealing from you left and right and you are allowing it.
What should you do? First, take your money out of the bank if you are paying fees. Join a credit union where they actually pay interest. Put any money you don't need for bills in the credit union and get a debit card from them. Pay with your debit card. Don't use atm's. They are black holes that suck a hundred dollars right out of your pocket faster than a mugger could work you over. Take out a loan at your credit union and pay off your credit cards if possible? Shred all of them but one. Keep the one with the lowest interest for a real emergency. An emergency is life and death. An emergency is not the cute purse, shoes or movie that you can't do without.
Finally, don't believe anyone who gives you advice about money unless you have reseached it and they have money in it too. Then make sure they are not Bernie Madoff.
Finally if it sounds to good to be true it is. All cons play on your greed. You are a sucker if you bite. The second you hand over your money it is gone. You might as well have had it in the mattress and burned your house down your self. No One wants to make you money unless they are getting something out of it. Drive past your finacial advisors house and see where you pay for him to live. When someone manages your money, they are making money off your money. If you lose your money will they lose all theirs. If not you can't trust them? Anyone who says borrow money should be immediately banished from your life. Take absolute control of your money. Find all the things that you are getting charged for needlessly and cut them out. Food, shelter, heat and electricity, and a car may be basic needs, but you should not go into debt for life for any of them.
This is straight talk for anyone who wants to do more than work at a big box chain to supplement their retirement. Walk through all the places you go and see how many seniors are working there. You will have a new understanding of retirement. Take note of them, because if you keep throwing money down the crapper, you will be the next one on their payroll.

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