Friday, January 8, 2010

Big Banks Say Go Elsewhere!

Bank of America - Take Back the Economy 4-28-0...Image by seiuhealthcare775nw via Flickr

Why not take the big banks advice. Shred your credit cards after you get one from your local bank. We bailed them out and they want to steal our money. Why pay them twice. We already paid the big banks. If we had charged the interest rates that they charge us on our credit cards they would owe us forever.
Why didn't we charge them 30% interest any way. But Wait, we can still charge them 30% on the bailout. Just like them we can race the rate retroactively. Let's get paid.
Next month is skip a payment month for the major banks. Everyone gets to keep their money next month and lets the banks eat the loss. Lets see what they say then. I bet they would beg to lower our interest rates. 50,000,000 people skipping a payment ought to adjust their attitudes. If it doesn't hell we can always say take this card and shove it. We aren't paying you no more. Go beg quarters on the streets, because you are going to be poor.

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