Monday, February 2, 2009

The self Stimulation Package

Apparently Obama and the Congress are trying to keep their freinds and relatives working. The stimulus package creates jobs for people who know longer exist. Machines do 90% of the construction work in this country. Their isn't any need for people to do most of the jobs on roads and bridges.
You've been there, right? Driving along and the cones go on for a mile and then there are two guys standing next to a machine watching the operator work. The stimulus package will ad millions of cones to the road not millions of workers. Maybe Illinois makes the cones for the whole country. That would add some jobs.
Once again the government has it's heads up the economists asses. It seems the need an economist to tell them what kind of jobs Americans do. They have no idea that the majority of the country is in the service industry. Perhaps they think that the two beer belly guys watching the machine are off to the local spa after work.
People will not install solar panels or windmills, because the cost more than the make in ten years. Perhaps the plan is to give their relatives grants, so they can afford them.
Cutting taxes for people who are be laid off is another winning strategy. I can see them touring the state, promoting the tax cuts to the people who have now moved into the salvation army, because their jobs, house and money are gone. Of course these people will applaud wildly when they here they get more tax credits if he can find a job.
The reality is that the stimulus package is a mixed bag of Democratic give aways to all the people who they owe for getting elected. This may seem like a Republican point of view, but it is the same with the republicans. They want to give tax breaks to all their supporters who still have jobs.
Want to have a real stimulus package; end the credit card companies omnipotent power and actually give people the opportunity to get out of debt. We have gone back to the days of the company store, where people paid endlessly for the basic necessities.
Guess what people if the whole country stops paying their credit cards the bank and the credit companies will no longer have any affect on you. They simply can't blackmail the whole country into paying their credit cards if there is no one that pays. Fear is their ally. You are afraid of them. Tell them to go suck an egg.
The end of credit card debt will liberate you. You'll have a thousand dollars a month more and you can actually pay your mortgages.
Bottom line is the credit reporting companies have no power that you don't give them.
The stimulus package will be DOA when it reaches us. That ten dollars a month you get, because of the lower tax rate will go a long way right?

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Anonymous said...

Your message may be of significant value. I was drawn to it by the title. However, once into the body of the letter, the lack of attention to sentence construction, misspellings and wrong word usage, became the focus of my attention, to the detriment of your intended message. Please read your words before you submit them for public viewing.

myoungatheart5 said...

Yes I do have some issues with typos, but a valid point is a valid point. People who do not see the trees through the forest are unlikely to have the ability to to appreciate the content of this blog.
I will however, do my best to improve my speeling and grammar. The fact is that the points that I made are very pertinent, to spite the spelling.
Besides most geniuses have people to edit their statements. I don't.