Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The End Of U.S. Industry

For Over Two decades Congress has ignored factory closings. The excuse they have used has been that businesses that can't compete should close. This attitude put money in their pockets from companies who watched their competition disappear, because they had moved jobs outside the country. Congress has ignored the workers in the United States and now a cut throat attitude exists with the workers who remain in this country. American workers have gone from standing shoulder to shoulder to stabbing each other in the back and Congress and industry have profited from it.
This is not an accident. Business has been fighting labor since the early 1900's
They have conspired with the government to undermined the working man by buying congress. Everyone knows that the Legislature is for sale in this country and they have ignored it. Now, the end of industry is coming and it will echo through the economy like "The Big One" they have been waiting for in California.
If the auto industry is allowed to fail, it will mean the end of millions of jobs in this country. People do not understand yet, that their companies will close. They think that this is just the auto workers. In a country where the car is king, people don't realize how many jobs and how much money the auto industry generates across the country. Insurance companies will take a big hit from this and, so will any business that has any connection to cars.
The end of the auto industry will lead to less competition in the auto industry, which will result in impossible prices. If you have bought three new cars, you have probably paid the price of their house on cars. You probably hate the auto industry because they have picked their pockets for years, but wait until foreign companies have the market to themselves. They will bleed this country dry.
If you think this is an exaggeration, look what has happened to the price of televisions. You can't even get a the smallest set for less than 500. Wait until the Chinese and the Koreans and the Aussies start to squeeze the cash out of you. The cars will last a year, cost tens of thousands of dollars and be disposable. They will be like diapers. They will last the less time than the tires.
It won't matter any, because no one will be working in the U.S. after the companies go under and 3,000,000 people lose there jobs, because all the business's that count on those people's consumption lose their jobs. Like a rock dropped in the water the waves will spread through the whole U.S. economy taking everyone who relies on their car or does business with or uses cars go down. Try and find a mechanic after the auto industry goes under. Try to find parts. If you think parts are expensive now, wait until the parts stores close and their are no dealers. People have stopped buying cars and the economy is tanking, but when the American car companies go, this will look like a party. Stocks will simply be worthless. Your retirement accounts will contain cents not dollars. For get retirement, because it won't be an option. The clock will turn back to the time when people who couldn't work went to the poor house and people simply died instead of retiring. Hospitals will be for the rich. Money in the trillions will go to foreign companies who make cars and improve their economies. Business's will simply leave the country and leave stores here and small offices and take their money with them. Try to find a job that pays more than a fast food restaurant after that.
Industry built the United States. It brought people's families to this country and that meant that there were people to buy things. The number of people grew and industry grew and retail grew. Other companies appeared to support these businesses and it went on and on. When industry is gone the people will begin to leave the U.S. to find jobs and the people who are left will be the people who don't speak the languages in the other countries and the poor. None is going to want to live here when the jobs go.
Well at least there won't be commercials on TV. Thank The Congress for the end of the U.S. before they move overseas to work for the companies they sold us out for.

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