Sunday, November 2, 2008

Demcrats agree not to Prosecute Bush?

Image via WikipediaThe Hidden News is looking for comfirmation of a story it is about to run concerning a deal between Democrats and Republicans not to investigate Karl Rove or any members of The Bush administrationfor crimes committed during the Bush years. We need this comfirmation to validate information from a secret source. The story alleges that a deal has been cut at the highest levels of both parties to allow any Crimes committed by the Bush administration to go uninvestigated. This would of course have to be approved by the next president. The source states that in return Republican's will cooperate with The next administration and The Democrtas in Congress. At the moment the Hidden News is not ready to confirm the legitimacy of the information. Which, mentions the possibility of pardons being granted. Please help The hidden News Confirm or assuade this information. Wea are especially interested in a response from Obama and Mc Cain about this issue.

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