Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Crap Shoot With Kids

Since the start of 1994,  Ford made airbags st...Image via WikipediaI know this is not political on the surface, but it is an issue that many people care about.
The recent lunacy about the herpes virus vaccine leads me to write this from an objective point of view.
I am fairly conservative in my personal view of children and sexual activity. I really don't approve of teems having sex, but life and a daughter have taught me the folly of stupidity.
I taught my daughter conservative views on sex and marriage, which seemed to penetrate her brain to a great degree, but she became an unwed mother at 20. I love my grandson dearly and I didn't consider suggesting an abortion. She did not consider it either and thus my precious grandson was born when I was 45.
The pregnancy forced her to quit college after a year and a half, She lived with the father for two years and married him, but it has been a challenge for them and sadly it has affected my grandson negatively, but this is not the real point of today's blog.
The point of today's blog is that stupidity happens. We have all been stupid in our lives from time to time. Some people are so stupid they they deny they have done stupid things. I call these people idiots. Denying that you have done something stupid prevents you from learning and growing as a person. I have a particular pet peeve abut people who blame the devil for their stupidity, because these people seem to believe that they some how were tricked in to doing something stupid. The fact is you chose to do something stupid: no matter how it turns out. People do stupid things on a regular basis. We have seat belts and air bags in our cars to guard against accidents. Many accidents are a direct result of being stupid; on one or both of the drivers parts. Most people do not disable their airbags and rip out their seat belts to prevent their children from doing something stupid and crashing the car. They realize that doing that would not make their children less likely to do something stupid. They also realize that the consequence of using this as a way to prevent their child from having an accident might result in their death. What's my point?
My point is that when the subject becomes sex, many people use this method to keep their children from having sex. The odds of sex causing your child's death is high. Never mind right or wrong or the devil. People and especially kids do stupid things that have real life and death consequences. I know at this point you have gone into denial, because sex makes you turn into an idiot, but try to follow along. One shot can possibly prevent your child from getting or spreading cancer to other people. I assume that the shot would keep the boys from getting it. I could be wrong, but in any case, there is a good chance that it will keep your daughter alive throughout her life. Why on earth would you decide that cancer is a better outcome than life, You see the virus that we are talking about spreads faster than the flu and it kills women. It should be clear that there is a chance that, even barring a stupid action by your child, there is a good chance that someone else will catch this virus. The virus can't be killed people, so basically you are putting your daughter's safety in the hands of every other person and their good or bad choice (IE stupidity). It seems that you trust everyone else more about sex than you would with a car. Do you really want to watch you daughters be eaten alive by cancer? Is it, so important to you to avoid the subject of sex that you would live to watch them have their uteruses ripped out and toxic drugs pumped through them? Is it possible that death is your choice for your child over sex? I understand the fear, but the fact is that catching this virus at any age could girl your little girl/ Forget about sex. You can tell them it's a flu shot. but for your child's sake, you shouldn't deny anyone elses or your child to live cancer free.
This is my opinion of course and it's based on my morals. I don't want my child to get and spread a virus that can kill your child, because stupidity happens, and I don't want my child to die because of your stupidity. If one child dies because of your choice, then I think you're going to have a lot of explaining to do to God and I don't like your chances.

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