Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's Obama thinking

Obama has proposed that everyone should get an increase in their salaries to offset gas prices. This is a very appealing idea until you think about it. irst if he cold do it prices would go up across the board for everything. Second companys would start down sizing immediately. Third if they did not downsize they would just ship more of our jobs to china (ie. outsourcing)
The fact is that in every country that produces oil the government owns the oil except the goodold United States. It's time for our government to get some balls and get control of our oil. Make the oil companies just like the post office. How can this be done you ask? Well the government has broad powers when it comes to national security and this is definately a national security issue, so with an eexecutive order it can be established. Of course we would have to have certain rules to make sure the that congress did not use the revenue as their checking accoount, so it should be stated that it is a permanent nonrevenue stream. It should also be nonprofit with all the revenue going back into exploration and drilling.
We need to do this now so that our oil is no longer exported and to stabalize the market. If we don't do this the congress and Obama will sell us down the river. It's time to act now before you lose your homes, jobs and are hopless.
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