Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gas Prices the scam.

Your pissed and you can't seem to pin down the cause of this outrageous spike in gas prices. It's the same old line supply and demand. Well folks heres the hidden story.

Ten percent of the oil that comes into this country is immediately stored underground. It's been going on for yeaars, since the 1970s to be exact. For all of you poor ignorant people out there we are talking billions of galllons of oil, the government has stored. It was created in case of another oil crisis like we had in the 70s. The idea was that none would be able to blackmail our country over oil and force prices to sky rocket. Not pissed yet. Well theres more for years the government has been using this deposit as a source of free gas for every federal agency. That is why the federal government is not in crisis over oil prices. Yes your senator and congressman get gas nearly for free. While you are paying hundreds of dollars a month to fill up your tank, they are happy as clams. I'll bet you havent heard this from the main stream press and there is a good reason for that. The press needs access to politicians and sources so it bury stories on a regular basis to continue this relationship. The press is also slanted. I know this is no great surprise and it buries stories for that reason too. They are not beyond over looking or discrediting a story because of their own bias. In short mant time when they ask why something is a problem they allready know and depending on what side they are on they spin it that way. The days of Walter Cronkite are over folks. No story is safe.

The real story is that there is enough oil in iraq to drown the Saudis. There is so much oil we can't refine it all into gasoline. Why you ask, because the federal government has not built any new refinerys for more than 50 years. I magine trying to take in an ocean of oil with a straw and you can see the problem. No folks the only crisis there is is that a lot of people are getting rich. This is the hidden story and look for it to be denied by everyone.

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